Sunday, March 20, 2016

Don't Forget Me When...

To be honest telling people I was writing a book was hard. After all nobody wants to look like they failed and as much as I love doesn't mean that people I don't know (or even know) are going to like reading it. Most everyone, I'll admit, have been very supportive. 

Teasing me my friends tend to say, "Don't forget me when you're famous." I always laugh because to be honest I doubt I will ever know. I'm an author so no screaming fans, no people hanging outside my house to take my picture, and probably no stalkers. Which is fine by me. I get to do what I like and occasionally get a message from someone who tells me they really enjoyed my book. Those messages make my day. 

Now I'm about to have my third title out. Still get nervous but I'm enjoying it. Plus the nerves past about a month after the book is live. I really hope you guys enjoy it. If you haven't yet sing up for my newsletter I'm going to be sending out a sneak peak of my cover next week. 

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