Saturday, September 17, 2016

Here's a sneak peak of Kassandra's Wolf: 


Emily awoke with tears streaming down her cheeks as she reached out to touch her husband, Marcus. Sensing her pain, he pulled her into his arms and held her close in his safe embrace.
“What’s wrong, my love?” he asked.
“A dream . . .” Emily said stopping herself from continuing. There were consequences for revealing the future. Good or bad, her mother had always stressed that she must always be careful with what she revealed to others. As much as she wanted to she couldn’t tell him she saw flames dancing over his body as they lay in bed and the sound of their twins crying. Seers like her didn’t often see when someone was expected to die. The closer a person was to them, the harder it was to see their future. If the strongest among her kind couldn’t predict their own death, how could she?
The look on his face told her he believed otherwise, but he didn’t press further. Years of marriage had taught him that she would always tell him what she could, when she could. Instead he lovingly stroked her back as he held her, promising to chase the bad dreams away.
            Over the next few nights Emily was haunted by the same dream. Each time she awoke it was to find herself being held tightly in Marcus’s arms. She felt as if time was running out. Emily went to the library to write letters to her three-year-old twins, Damien and Hope. The Fates had given her a glimpse of her children’s future, giving her an opportunity to keep them safe. She wasn’t about to waste it. Damien and Hope had a rough road ahead of them. Emily had to make sure that she chose her words carefully.
            She worried about Damien, the oldest of her twins, the most. Emily wished she could give him words of encouragement but had to worry about altering his future. As future pack alpha, his destiny not only affected him but every member of their pack. Hope, younger than him by just a few minutes, would blame herself. Their mates would have to be strong to help heal them.
            “Mom!” she heard Damien scream as he ran down the hall to the living room.
            Emily placed both letters in a small box, locking it before Damien came crashing into the room. With his dark, wavy hair and amber eyes framed by long, thick lashes he looked just like his father. His face scrunched up. “Mom, I didn’t mean to! It was an accident! Tell her to quit crying.”
            Before Emily could question him, Hope entered the room, big tears flowing down her face. Her lower lip quivered as she held up her small hands, showing her the broken pieces of strings and beads of the bracelet she had been working on earlier. “Mom, he broke it. I told him it wasn’t for him and he broke it.”
            “I didn’t mean to, I just wanted to see it,” Damien said, looking distressed at his sister’s tears.
            Unlike her brother, Hope more closely resembled Emily, with her straight honey-blonde hair and pale complexion. The only resemblance between the two siblings was that they both had their father’s eyes. Before Emily could reply, Damien picked up some of the broken pieces. “I’ll fix it, I promise. Please don’t cry.”
            Emily took them both by the hand and led them over to the desk. “Here, let me help you and we’ll have it fixed in no time.”
            As she laid out the pieces she saw Damien trace the intricate design on her box. “Mom, what’s in the box?”

            “It’s for you when you get older.” Damien smiled brightly at the idea of getting a present. She took the box from him and put it in the desk. “Now,” she smiled, “the first thing we need to do is get new string to replace the broken one.”

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  1. Love it! Excited for new characters, intrigued to find out what Emily has seen, and eager to learn the future for Damien and Hope.